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Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's April Fool's Day - He had babies!!!!!

My daughter is hanging out with her boss tossing ideas back and forth about her illustrating a children's book he's writing.  This is our text conversation from a few minutes ago.

ME:  OMGOMGOMG your bunny is a girl!  We have baby bunnies!

Her:  .....what

ME:  Baby buuuuunnnnniiiiiiieeeeeesssss!

Her:  Arpeggio is a boy....?  He has balls....?

ME:  Well he had baby bunnies!!!!!

Her:  Pics or it didn't happen -____-

Me:  (Photo taken from Google)

Her:  -____- if he had bunnies you would have called

ME:  OMG we were freaking!  I thought he was dying or something I've been taking care of your freaking rabbit!

Her:  -____-  that doesn't even look like his cage.  And if he COULD have babies they would be white.

Me:  OMG you're ridiculous they obviously aren't white and he's on his straw mat and was pulling out fur like crazy!

Her:  -_____- mother rabbits make nests way before the babies come

Me:  Well there's obviously something wrong if he's got balls and is having babies where do you think I took a picture of freaking baby bunnies?!?!?!

Her:  Google.

ME:  Huh?

Her:  -___- stop trolling me

ME:  You make April Fools Day so much fun!  I love you soooo much lolol

Her:  I hate you -_____-

Me:  Hahahahahaha

Gotta love my kid!
Happy April Fools Day Everyone!!!!!

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