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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thirty Days of Truth - Day Fifteen

Someone or something you couldn't live without, because you've tried.

Wow.  Really?  Whoever came up with these questions are making a person really think.  To be honest with you I'm still thinking.  I figured I'd start writing and see what I come up with because I honestly couldn't think of anything, other than the obvious things I couldn't do without, but then I'm not living without those things so it's a hard question.  I feel like I have to think of something deep and meaningful, but those are usually things you don't try to live without right?  So again, how would you know?

I'll admit to the world, I'm a smoker.  I don't want to quit.  Have no desire to.  Could I if I wanted to?  Yeah.  That's a no dice.

Coffee?  Yeah, can do without that, wouldn't like it even though it's not a die hard habit.

Chocolate?  Nah, couldn't live without it, but have never tried, so again it's a nix.

Television?  Electronics?  Surprise, surprise?  Could so live without those.  In fact, I wish there was like one day a week nationwide when NO electronics were allowed at all.  Cellphones, televisions, computers, the whole nine yards.  A day to get back to the basics, lock out the outside world in your home and spend time with nothing but the people you love the most.

Hmmm, what next.....

Money.  Ugh.  I'm talking here the money most people take for granted.  The money that allows you to take a vacation, pay your bills, eat out every once in a while, that kind of thing.  I've never been homeless or destitute so I'm not even going there.  I can tell you that when we went from making a LOT of money to not having enough to pay our bills was tough.  I wouldn't WANT to go through that again, but honestly?  I could live.  We used to go all out for Christmas.  My husband and I would spend upwards of thousands on each other for Christmas.  When we couldn't pay our bills, we chose to nix Christmas gifts for each other all together.  For the past five years we haven't exchanged gifts at all.  You know what?  It's been great.  No worrying about expectations, finding the "perfect" gift, it's really been great.  We can focus all our attention on our daughter and have had the best Christmases ever.  This year when we COULD afford to buy gifts for each other, we still chose not to.  We had a fantastic holiday.  I could go without the stress of worrying about having my house foreclosed on but again, we're talking about being able to make it and we managed to make it somehow or other.

I'm floundering here now, can you tell?  I haven't really had to live without anything I couldn't live without.  I'm going to get all deep now I there really anything you can't live without?  Other than air, food, water, shelter?  Back in 1981 I'd have told you I couldn't live without my Dad, but I did.  I had to.

I guess I really suck at the whole thirty days of truth thing because I'm either not able to see the humor in it or I'm just too.....something.....easy going?  Naive?  Something.  Selfish maybe?  I have never voluntarily given up anything I couldn't live without.  Who would?  If it's not voluntary, why would you give it up?  Am I missing something here?  Maybe I need to go read some other people's so I can get a new perspective.  Maybe I thought this through TOO much and missed something obvious.  I'm taking this too literally I think, but it's thirty days of truth and I'm trying to be truthful.  Maybe I need to leave now and visit fail blog or something!


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