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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To Resolution or Not?

That would be a no.  Resolution is a big word, full of failed expectations and no way in hell am I opening myself up to that!  It is the New Year tthough, so instead of making resolutions, I've decided to make a few open ended suggestions to myself and see how that goes.

Maybe in the next ten years I can work myself up to the commitment of an actual resolution.  Yes ladies, be very, very glad I was born with boobs, or I'd have been the oh so typical stereotype of an awful man.

So I've been thinking a lot about my blogs lately and it keeps coming back to the fact that I expect more of myself than I do from my readers, and when I do something I feel fails those expectations, I get pissy or upset or some primarily womanly emotion and don't want to face what I view as my own failure so I skip.

Granted, it HAS been crazy around here lately, the trial I spoke about in my last post back in June is over, and after five months in jail, my cousin was found innocent of all charges.  Wish I could say it ends there, but the other crap that goes along with a divorce is ongoing.  The Kitty Princess is....well good.  After she broke up with the bad boyfriend and stayed away for two months, she took him back and even got engaged.  Ugh.  Now they're apart (for good I think....or maybe hope) and she's kinda sorta seeing someone else.  Someone else with a five year old and a two year old, and it speaks volumes that I'm okay with that because it's still better than the last guy.  She's finally driving (her own 1995 BMW paid for with her own money) and is starting her second semester as a freshman at VCU on the 17th of this month.

Bad boyfriend threatened to kill us both, so we're keeping our guard up for the time being.  He's currently on probation so not quite as worried as I would be otherwise.  He has a pretty strong impulse to stay out of jail.

She's seeing a therapist at school and I hope that will help her get back some of the many things she lost from spending all those years in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship.

As for everything else, well it comes and goes.  I think I'll do better with keeping up now since I finally got my phone all set up so I get all my stuff on it.  For some reason, I was avoiding my e-mail account like the plague and I guess I'm old enough that technology is starting to be more of a pain in the arse than a friend.  Ugh.  That just sounds old.  I take it back okay?

So I guess you're looking for some of those open ended suggestions huh?  Okay, okay.

1.  Find homes for the rest of the cats here.  If you're curious as to what that's all about click here!  I won't bore you with all the details right here, right now.  For the record that's what I've been doing with most of my time since I've been gone.

2.  Blog when it's the right time instead of forcing myself to do it when I feel I should.

3.  Spend as much time as possible with my family.

4.  Declutter.  House and life.

5.  Lose weight.  Enjoy life completely.

I guess that's the gist of it.  Life is short, the house will keep, the yard will still be there, it's the little things that have always meant the most, just once again, I get lost in the expectations.  Gonna try to stop doing that.  Today.


Katie said...

Oh Donna! I've really missed you. I can't believe everything you've gone through this past year. Consider it a fresh start. Everyday we can start all over. Seeing your name pop up just made me smile. I've missed you, so so much my friend. I love you!

AubrieAnne said...

DONNA!!! I was just thinking of you the other day. I was away from my blog for about three months there and now I am totally back into, because I WANT to and not because I felt forced! HAH! But I was just thinking...I wonder how Donna ia doing!...It's very good to hear from you and sounds like times have been rough, but hopefully they are on the mend or coming to an end. Glad you can still vent on here!

Missed you tons!

And looking forward to seeing you are here or there!


Bryan M. White said...

Yowch! Sounds like you've been having quite a time over there.

You gotta love these guys who threaten to kill their ex-girlfriends. It's like, what kind of douche bag thinks someone deserves to die for breaking up with them? A little conceited perhaps? Of course, people like that aren't thinking things through that deeply. They just feel like they own people and how dare they wander off. Thankfully, it's usually just a lot of punk talk. But I'd be extra careful all the same.

Welcome back...Even in "low power mode." Post as much or as a little as you like. We're just glad to have you around.

Eschelle said...

sounds like a plan love!! I am so happy to see you/hear you/read you again!!! Happy to hear about the poopy-bf is out your beeswax and I too hope it stays that way.

I can see there are a lot of changes here since I haven't been around and you haven't been around, amazing how life can get sometimes eh??

So glad to see you, can't wait to make the time to catch up and read all about what has been going on !!

DawnZhang said...

Missed you tons. Missed you so so much. Keep blogging and I hope everything is alright there! :)

Lots of love from me,

Donna said...

Thanks so much guys! It's so nice to hear from you all again, I've missed the interactions and of course reading your blogs as well. Love you all and it meant the world to be back and instantly see posts with such kind words.

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