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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dental Trauma Begins.....

So, as the title says, the trauma begins.
I used to have great teeth.  As a matter of fact, my dentist once told me that if everyone had teeth like mine, he'd be a shoe salesman.  No more.
I took Ritalin for about 10 years and for some reason, I became a pro at tossing cookies.  Not literally, just you know....puking.  Within an hour after taking it, I'd throw my guts up without fail.  Three pills a day for 10 years and the subsequent issues are with my teeth.  They're dropping like flies.  
I've already had one pulled so I've got the hole there, but this new dentist says nope, we can FIX it.  To the tune of a root canal and crown.  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with dentists and I've got a crazy high pain tolerance, so I'm not worried or scared or anything like that.
Basically the downside is the cost and of course having to get up and get dressed to go out of the house which if you know me is a big deal.  I should own stock in pajama companies. 
So anyway, yeah, April 8th is the big day.  The pain right now is off and on, and it's not that big a deal except when I take a swig of an icy cold drink then well, you can count me out for the time it takes me to dance around holding my jaw yelling "OW OW OW" for a few minutes at any rate.  You gotta give me that okay?
I've never had anything more than a filling and the extraction so I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm definitively NOT listening to my husband who is horrified of dentists.  Nope.  Don't tell me what to expect.  I'll figure it out on my own and if it's bad, I'll be back here on the 9th complaining my butt off.  

That doesn't look so bad........right?

I guess we'll see, but until then.....toodles!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm kinda sorta maybe back.....

So it's been a while huh?
I've tried to justify myself as to why I've been M.I.A., but really it's just life happening.  Thank God it does that too, the alternative would not be amusing.  It's ridiculous really how fast time flies by, especially when you spend over 3/4 of your life having to sleep.  On the plus side, I've gotten quite a few of my projects done, although most are still half done at this point.
I'm tempted to just start writing and tell you everything, but then you know I'd have nothing to say tomorrow or the  next day or the one after that, so I'll try to refrain from spilling the beans for now.
I don't expect any of my readers to trust me that I'm going to be back for good this time, so I guess I'll have to be patient and prove myself, not just to me, but to you guys as well this time around, and hopefully I'll do better.  I guess time will tell huh?  
So I'll leave you with some teasers.  
Still have cats.  Lots of cats.
Daughter still at VCUarts. Still working at GameStop.
Projects done:  LR and Ofc floors, kitchen floors, painting, stairs, kitchen island.
Pets buried:  BooBoo 4/16/12, Fat Man 2/8/2013, Arpeggio 4/17/2013
Parents scammed out of $1000.00
Daughter FINALLY has new BF, he  moved here from Michigan to be with her and is currently living with us until he's on his feet.  He just got a job yesterday. YAY!
Husband still being trampled by cats every night, still working too hard for too little money.
Teeth are falling out from too many years taking Ritalin and throwing up three times a day.  This sucks by the way, I've always had great teeth, and I'm missing the one I had to have pulled so far and hating the two that are most likely next since they're killing me at the moment.
Currently serving as Secundo for Faith Hunter's street team, Beast Claws.  (Check out the Jane Yellowrock books if you haven't already, they're awesome)
Enjoying watching Denny Hamlin race, the Cowboys lose and the Avalanche struggle.
Still addicted to Food Network, although Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory are right up there.  Would probably give up Food Network for Walking Dead though since I'm not so secretly in love with Norman Reedus.  
Still roleplaying with my best friend.
Discovered Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot and have turned into a wino, minus the shopping cart and "Will work for Wine" sign.
Putting off doing my taxes even though I really need that money cuz well, it's taxes and they're not fun.
I guess that's about it for now.  Hopefully I'll do better this time around.
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