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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thirty Days of Truth - Day Sixteen

Oh yeah, day sixteen!  Something you could definitely live without.  Let me count the ways, I mean things, I could live without!

Drama:  I say this in the final stretch of raising a teenage daughter.  She's 19 now.  Please tell me the drama ends here!  Seriously though, she's not all that bad, sometimes I'd like to beat her with wet noodles about the head and shoulders sure, but all in all, not too often.  I actually see more drama from adults these days than teenagers and it makes my blood boil, so much so that I'm actually glad I've reached hermit status.

Wrinkles:  Nuff said.  In clothes and skin.

Mean People:  I don't get that.  Life's too short to spend your time being mean or vindictive.

Politics:  Again, nuff said.

Alarm clocks:  I know the world functions on them, but for me, not so much and I loathe them.  Years of being regulated by them killed the love if ever there was love.

Allergies:  Is there even a purpose?  Ugh.  (Aaaaaaachoo!)

Slow Drivers:  Yes, I'm a speed demon.  I'm an aggressive driver.  I'm a nightmare behind the wheel to all who do less than twenty miles over the speed limit :D

Pantyhose:  Obviously designed by a man.

Bras:  See pantyhose above.

Negativity:  Yes, the glass IS half full damnit!

Phones:  Except for texting :D

Facebook diaries:  Yes, you know who they are, those people who use facebook to tell you how they spend every second of every day.

Okay, I think I could probably go on for a day or twenty, so let's sum it up that those are some of my fave things I could do without.  Don't judge me!  I do wear bras, I just don't like them.

Have a nice day :D


Bryan M. White said...

I hate the alarm clock too, but the snooze bar may be the greatest invention ever. zzzzzzzzzzz

Eschelle said...

I hate talking on the phone, bras, and I would like to add "calories" everything delicious should have no calories lol

Katie said...

Ahh I hate bras, talking on the tele, and alarm clocks! If life were only based on when we showed up and not everyone was pressed for time, I think we'd live longer.. without that stress. Love your choices. and Politics! I live with a conspiracy theorist (charlie).. it's awful haha.


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