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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So I'm a fan of tattoos and piercings.  I've only got two tattoos, but quite a few piercings, at least until lately.

A few months ago we started going to church again, and since in the past my piercings have caused some commotion in that environment, I took them out for services.  Well, me being me, I just kept putting off putting some of them back in.  Basically, the only ones I kept in were the ones in my ears, the normal ones and my industrial and a few cartiledge piercings.  I took out my tongue, eyebrow, nose and tragus.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I started looking for my "box-o-piercing paraphernalia".  Of course with me being the disorganized person I am, it took me until today to find it.  Now, I'll mention that I looked online to see how quickly those particular piercings might remain open and I kind of figured I'd blown it.  Most of them said they'll only stay open a week or two at most and it's been months soooooo, I figured I was out of luck.  Lots of initial pain down the drain.

Being the stubborn woman that I am though, I figured what the heck, it's worth a try right?

Tongue was no problem, maybe because I've already pierced it twice by myself after the initial piercing, the freaking hole is probably big enough to lose a fruit loop in.  On that note, I'll state that it's kinda fun to eat Fruit Loops cuz you can get them around the little ball on the top of your tongue and it's just kinda cool.  Go figure, I've got an odd sense of humor.

Next up, the nose.  I've got a really tiny nose.  My husband says it looks kinda like a big zit instead of a nose.  He thinks it's cute.  I used to wear a little silver hoop in my nose because it's so small if I use a regular post it sticks out a little cuz my nose is too small for the whole post to be on the inside.  Living with the number of cats I do, it's not surprising that it disappeared when I took it out and left it on the coffee table.  Yeah.  Probably never find it again, so I decided to try the post.  End result, ended up piercing my nose again.  Pain wasn't too bad all things considered and I'm happy it's not a lost cause.  I can still take it out if I need to and as long as I don't wait too long I don't lose the piercing for good.

Not really into the eyebrow one anymore so I let that one go.  Not worried if it's closed up or not.

The tragus though?  Yeah, wanted to keep those.  Those were actually the ones I was LEAST worried about.  I've got quite a few cartiledge piercings and a couple I didn't have anything in for years and they never closed.  I figured no problem right?  Dun dun dun.


Those were if not completely then dang close to completely closed.  Have you ever tried piercing a body part with a screw?  That's kinda what it felt like.  I sat here and kept screwing the post against where the hole was supposed to be until I literally heard an audible pop and wa-lah I have pierced tragus again!  Needless to say my ears now hurt like a bear, but I can say I didn't waste any money letting them close up, so if you're me, that's a logical conclusion.  If you're not me which you obviously aren't, you're probably reading this going.....

What the bloody hell is wrong with this woman!?!?!?!?!?

You'd be right.

Call me stubborn, or crazy, but I got it done and I feel like me again!


Eschelle said...

you should hit ebay for new piercings I get all my tongue barbells there for 3.00/20 depending on the post :D!

DawnZhang said...

I love piercings! Absolutely love them! I have two ear piercings!! And it's amazing! One of them closed and I had to pierce it again but I felt no pain. Well, not much, just a tad! I love your piercings. You look amazing! <3

Bryan M. White said...

Oooff...I feel a little nauseaous now.

Bryan M. White said...

I do like the corkscrew in the back of the ear, though. Reminds me of the rotini I cooked last week.

Katie said...

I absolutely LOVE your piercings!


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