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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Want to be part of a children's book? Come on in!

So usually I get my best ideas for my writing just before I fall asleep.  Of course, when I wake up those ideas are usually gone.

This weekend when I found my Ritalin and was then up all night Saturday, I finally got some writing done.

It wasn't on my novel, but on a children's book I've been playing around with writing for some time.

Since I'm definitely willing to capitalize on a situation, I'm of course, going to ask my fave mommy-bloggers to assist on this one.  You ladies read to your little ones so you know what they like and what they'd enjoy.

The plan is to write a series of books that would help kids with difficult situations, i.e. a new baby, first day of school, bullying, etc.  

I'm using my daughter's rabbit, Arpeggio, as inspiration.

Isn't he adorable?

So what I'm doing is posting the story on a page so it'll come up at the top of my page, and ask all my friends to check it out and let me know if it's something you or your children might like before I get my hopes up and try to get it looked at by a publisher.  I know it needs some work and I'm working on that now, but I'm basically just checking for the concept to see if it's an appealing one or not.

Feel free to read it to your kiddos to see how they react too, I just want some honest feedback.

Click the link below to check out the book!

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Joyce Lansky said...

I always keep paper & something to write with by my bed so that I can capture those ideas before they're gone.


Donna said...

I tried that too, but with the whole sleeping disorder thing, it didn't work out too well. My pad kept winding up in the trashcan beside the bed and I'd wake up half on and half off the bed with my hand hanging in the trash can too. I guess it's a good thing nothing really nasty goes in that thing.

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