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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to......ME!

So today was the big day, only it's not so big anymore.  Yes, another birthday.  I'm so not telling how old I am, but it's old enough to know better.  And no, I don't complain about them, I'd rather have another than not.

Oddly, I spent most of my day cleaning for company.  I did manage to tweak my layout here, so I'm happy with that finally, I sooo had to make myself go to bed last night because I had just gotten tired of fiddling with it and it looked awful when I left.  Needless to say between cleaning guest bathrooms and mopping the kitchen floor and cutting up onions and tomatoes and lettuce for burgers, I was taking breaks to work on the artwork for the background.  I just can't manage to stay away from the computer for too long or I start feeling like there's an electrical current whipping through the house pulling me backwards into my oh so uncomfortable chair.

Birthdays are no big deal around here anymore.  Gone are the days of going out and having a big fancy dinner or having huge cookouts with everyone I know in attendance.  Maybe it's age but I'm finding I prefer just my husband and daughter and maybe dinner or cake with my parents to the huge gatherings of the past.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, the way me and my mom like them.  Hog dogs with mustard, onions, chili and cole slaw.  Redneck heaven right there.  I'm not sure anyone even knows about those unless you live south of Southwest Virginia.

We didn't do presents this year, finances have been well.....horrid and no matter the mother, we do tend to put our family ahead of ourselves.  Not bragging or being self serving, that's just the way it is.  The kiddo (Kitty) is 17 now and we're trying to get her driving, but she had a hard year at school, seven honors classes, two of which are college level art that encompass HUGE projects so her grades dropped a bit in Trig.  Enough that we can't get the insurance discount until she brings them up again, which should happen at the end of the year since she's been busting her booty and acing her tests recently.

I've got a good kid though, she did get me a pair of shoes for my b-day.  Granted it was one of those lucky days, we'd been prom shopping and the last stop was Charlotte Russe for shoes.  They had their good old buy one pair get one for ten bucks, so my babygirl got hers for prom and got me a pair for the extra ten.  It was more than I wanted, or needed, but I love them!  She knows her Mommy has a weak spot for shoes and chocolate so I couldn't have been happier!  Then there was the fact that it FINALLY ended the headache of prom preparations which made it even better though.  The best part was seeing my baby looking all gorgeous prom night.

Okay, so I got carried away with showing off my babygirl, it's my birthday after all right?  Anyway, it was a good day, good foods, good weather, good company, and better still no school tomorrow so I can spend the day at home with my lil bit and play video games and go tumble in the grass with the kittens and talk about life and love and everything in between.  It's a good day.


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