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Friday, May 28, 2010

How do you do that?

I can't tell you how many people have asked me that question.  "How do you write like that?"

Simply put.  It's easy.

Okay, so maybe not EASY, but you know what I mean.  Chase told me once that "If life is a highway, I'm a passenger in the back seat, without a seat belt, having to listen to crappy music."  Chase talks to me a lot these days, Alex has piped down a bit, but Donna (aha!) is starting to take over where she left off.

NOTE:  If you're allergic to rambling, please proceed to GO, and sorry....there's no $200.00.

You see I'm a narcoleptic.  Not like the "Oh yes, I'd be gla.....zzzzzzzzzzz" variety, I just require about 15 to 18 hours of sleep a day or it's not pretty.  Between that and my life lately, suffice it to say it hasn't been all rainbows and butterflies, writing is the best part of my day.  Writing is where I'm in complete control of what happens and how it happens and when it happens.

You're probably wondering about the (aha!) earlier now right?  If you're not, well I'm writing it anyway.  My newest book project is about a narcoleptic named Donna.  Ironically that's my name!  Wait, that's not ironic is it?  Oh well, I started a project on another writing site called "The Diary of a Narcoleptic".  It was intended to be a place for me to vent, and maybe give people a chuckle or two at my expense.  I added a little "Please Read First" saying that the project wasn't a work for publication, it was more just me.  Rambling.  Oddly enough, I got about seven messages telling me I should rethink the publishing thing.  Ugh.  Okay I get that other narcoleptics or sleep disordered individuals might be interested, but really?  Having my life on display like that doesn't so much appeal to me.

This is where the inspiration kicked in.  There is a little part of my life (a prior job) that I would loooove to get out to the general public, and well, I got the idea to mish-mash my life with a characters life and off we went with "The Lion, the Bitch and the Carnivale of Freaks and Frills"  It's still very much a work in progress as are my other two novels, but I'll get there.

But back to the "How do you do that?" question.  It's like this.  In a life where I'm losing more and more control not only over my health, but income, emotions, finances, bills, etc., it's all too easy to fall into a world where everything turns out right in the end and if it doesn't there's no one to blame but myself.


Sabrina said...

Ahh... how interesting! Yes, you should definitely rethink the publishing thing, it seems to me that your life is on display in a blog the same way as it would if you had your writings published. The get paid. I would love to be paid for my thoughts, although I wouldn't make much money as I do not have many interesting thoughts.

Your writing is much like listening to a conversation because you write it as though you are speaking to someone. This makes for very interesting reading as no one likes to be talked at, if you get my meaning. I have never really been interested in reading blogs, but yours definitely capture my interest.

djpr said...

Awwww I think you might have made my day Sabrina! Of oourse it's not all THAT hard to do that lately, but still! Thank you!

It's always nice to have someone enjoy something you've written whether it's a book or a blog or journal entry or a tirade about people in the neighborhood who shoo their quite virile tomcats in the direction of my backyard and a half dozen stray Mamma cats I can't catch.....but that's another story entirely.

Anyhoooo, it's naptime now so I'm out! Thanks again!

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