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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thirty Days of Truth - Day Six

I've missed a lot of days, but I don't really feel like I'll be doing any of us any favors by trying to make them all up, instead I'm getting back into the routine and will hopefully this time post once a day until we're done!  I love this project, even the hard ones because it's always important to look inside every once in a while.  It gets to the point when we get so busy with our lives, taking care of families, or jobs, or whatever we do on a daily basis, that we forget to invest time in ourselves.  So, with that said here we go.

Day Six - Name something you hope you never have to do.

I think this will probably be the same for most everyone.  Having lost my Father at a very young age, I remember vividly how hard it was, how hard it still is sometimes.  Some days I miss him so much I still break down in tears just thinking about him.  Little things will remind me of times we spent together.  Things like a pair of white jeans make me recall what I was wearing the last time I saw him, driving by 7-11 makes me remember the long bike rides we used to take when he'd stop and get me a slurpee on the way home.  Hardees brings to mind the times we all walked to the grocery store as a family and he used to let me ride on his shoulders.  I keep a photograph of him on my coffee table, and every time I see it, it just hurts that he missed so much of my life.  He never got to see his granddaughter, wasn't at my wedding, didn't see me graduate from college, or get my first full time job.

I think you all see where I'm going with this.  My mom remarried a year after I got married and my stepdad is an amazing man.  He's the closest I'll ever come to my father, and I love him with all my heart.  I have another family with him, a different one, but he's as much family as if we shared blood.  I hope that I never have to go through losing someone so close to me again, never having to say goodbye to a parent or a member of my family, never have to make another cemetery a ritual visit.  I know it's not realistic, we can't all live forever, but if I could hope for anything at all that I never had to do again, that would be it.


Eschelle said...

not all hopes have to be realistic.

Donna said...

This is true sweetie, this is true

Katie said...

Donna, I love you so much. I feel the same way. I'm so happy though that you have memories with your father. I'm assuming that's a picture of him? If so, he's quite the handsome young lad :)It sounds like he was as caring as you finding time to spend with you, being a father.. That sounds familiar.. YOU! You're such an amazing mom, how much you care about your little kitten and worry about her. You're amazing, hold onto those memories.


AubrieAnne said...

That is a scary thought. One of my best friends lost their mom just over a year ago. I felt so bad for her, it was so sudden. Then, I had a lot of anxiety about losing my own parents. It's enough to bring tears to my eyes without any warning. I guess, we just have to remember that no matter what, they are here for us. We need to love the time we have now. :)

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