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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are you sure I'm the oldest?

This Writer's Journey

Hello everyone! I'm Sarah the Writer from This Writer's Journey. Donna asked me to finish up her week of guest bloggers here at Write Now Write Later (well, technically, I asked, but she agreed). I had a ton of ideas floating through my head, but most of them sounded more like me venting, which I can do on my own blog. So I chose to talk about me and my brothers instead.

I'm the oldest of 3 kids. But you wouldn't know it. Both boys are taller than me (one more than the other). But that's the "outside" reason. The "inside" reason is because I'm shy, quiet, and introverted; they are not. I kind of hang back in a crowd of people I don't know, waiting for someone to see me alone and come talk to me and they - well, I'm not really sure what they do. They go to parties with friends and I don't, so I have no clue. But they probably find a group of guys and start talking sports.

You know those research results in the news and online and the books that talk about how the oldest sibling is the leader, the middle sibling is the mediator, and the youngest is the manipulator? Yeah, well, the writers and researchers didn't observe my family. Granted, some of findings are true: I can be a people pleaser and perfectionist at times; Mr. Baseball (as I recently began to call my middle brother on my blog) is independent and spends a lot of time with his friends; and Mr. Technology (my youngest brother) is social and loves to have a good time (he's 19 - do the math). But I still feel like they got those studies wrong. I often feel like I'm left out since Mr. Baseball is somewhat of a baseball prodigy (more minor leagues and men's league than the majors) and Mr. Technology wasn't a fan of high school, which lead to bad grades and lots of attention, and is somewhat of the technology expert in our family. Then there's me: the writer who wasn't symphony material as a flute player and Championship material as an Irish dancer. Not exactly attention-grabbing, even though my parents still went to my band concerts and dance recitals as often as Mrs. Baseball's games. Still, I was never asked to be in a tryout-only symphony or dance school.

Mr. Baseball and I have grown tolerant of each other over the years. Well, more than tolerant, but less than friends. We get along fairly well. Except when the topic of movies comes up. He's convinced that Will Ferrel movies are the best and that I'm missing out just because I've only seen Elf and Anchorman, the latter after his insistence last year (which he ironically didn't watch with us). We have our good moments and bad moments, both of which include teasing. And we still have our own lives.

Mr. Technology is a different story. My main beef with him has ALWAYS been my love of country music vs. his love of rap. And I mean LOVE. He's one of those rap fans who cranks up the volume and bass. It's as if there's this rule that you have to do that when listening to rap. The one rule he willingly follows. Fortunately, he doesn't crank it up when I'm sleeping. You see, he often stays up until 2 or 3 am, and my bed (and bedroom) is on the other side of the wall as our main desktop PC, which he uses often. So at least he's respectful about one thing.

The boys also were on my side a couple years ago when my roommate was disrespectful and inconsiderate to me (read more about it here). Mr. Technology even wanted to help me do some sort of physical harm to her (I'm too nice for that, though). It was nice to have that backup, even though it didn't really lift my attitude towards the situation.

So there ya have it: me and my two younger brothers. Three different personalities, one family. I mostly did this topic to talk about how the research on birth order doesn't apply to everyone. At least not from my experience anyway. Anyone agree or disagree with this?

Have a blessed Sunday y'all!


Kate said...

I don't necessarily believe in the middle child syndrom but that doesn't mean that.. it doesn't exist. I only have 1 sibling she's older; however, I have many sets of cousins, 3 that have 3 children each and none of them experienced that. One family it was the oldest, and the other two the youngest that had the most difficult of times. It's good to have a mix to teach each other :)


shah wharton said...

We were two early on in mom's life, then came another two twelve years later - that was weird! As the most 'middle' of the children I did feel somewhat uninteresting and left out. My older brother was the first born, and her only son. Then me. Years later she remarried and had two more girls. So there was another 'first born' to her husband, and a cute blonde second born. And me. I couldn't compete. But I got over it.

Anyway, I'm not here for that, as interesting as it certainly is - I'm here to award you with a Stylish Blogger Award! Pop by to claim it at - Love Shah. Congrates Lady! XX

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