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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thirty Days of Truth - Day Two

Yesterday when I was posting, I was looking forward to today because I immediately thought it would be easier to post something I love about myself than it would something I hate about myself.  In a way that's true, it's easier to think about this, but not necessarily easier to come up with something that I'm happy about.  I suppose it says a lot about how far I've come in my life that I can come up with anything at all.

Due to some weird events as a teenager, and the experience of just being a teenager I suppose, there was a long time that I probably couldn't have found anything I love about myself.  I was this tiny, shy girl, with a beautiful head of hair, a pretty smile, and great eyes, I was nice to everyone, worked hard and yet I wasn't happy with who I was.  Or maybe I had no idea who I was, I don't know anymore.  What I do know is that I'm happy that's all changed, that no matter if I was petite and pretty back then, it wasn't worth anything because I couldn't see it for myself.  I was pretty on the inside, but my insecurities never allowed me to see past what I thought I saw in the mirror to see that beauty beneath.

In that aspect, aging is a wonderful thing.  So, here we go.....

Day Two - Something You Love About Yourself.

I love that I've found the self confidence that I lacked for so long.

I love that I smile at everything, even though I find little funny enough to actually laugh out loud.

I love that it's easy for me to talk to smile at complete strangers and start up conversations.

I love that I'm a mother even though I never planned to be.

I love that I can wear flip flops now even though I hate my toes.

I love that animals are attracted to me because I've always believed that animals can see the truth in people.

I love that I look at the bright side of everything, even when things aren't going well.

I love that my first instinct is to trust people even though it's not always the best thing to do.

I love that I'm a mystery sometimes even to people who know me well.

I love that my last words to my Dad were "I love you".

I love that I've got so many characters who live inside my head.  They make it easy to create, and easy to escape into other worlds when I need to.

I love that people are drawn to me, even if it's just to talk about their problems, it lets me know that I've got something inside that I can offer the world.

And finally, I love that I love being me, at last.

Today is also the last day you'll be reading posts from me until next week.  My best friend is coming in from New York tomorrow and we're picking her up at Penn Station in Baltimore for a week long visit!  Yay!

I've got a ton of fantabulous guest posters lined up to post for me while I'm gone and I can't wait to read those posts when I get back!

I still need to hear from a few of you about your posts, I've added everyone I've got e-mails for to the list of approved authors so you can post straight from my account, I'd like to get this all finalized today if possible since I'm not sure how much time I'll have in the morning before I have to leave to make the two hour drive to Baltimore.

Thanks again for everyone who volunteered, I'm super excited about this and I hope you'll all enjoy posting and I hope you as readers will enjoy the change from my usual randomness!  I'll pick up the Thirty Days of Truth when I'm back to posting on a regular schedule.  Thanks so much to all of you guys who stop by and read and leave love, you make my days brighter and the best gift in the world is a smile and those you give me in spades!  Much love!


Kate said...

Donna! I love all that YOU love about yourself. The flip flop comment made me smile. There are so many people that regret not saying they love someone who passed. That you'll always have with you because you were fortunate enough to. I look forward to each day that you write about yourself. I will get to learn even more about you. You're such a beautiful soul.


Anonymous said...

Have fun with your friend this week! Can't wait to read the guest posts! I'll get mine up on Sunday, which should give me plenty of time to come up with a topic and post :)

Alex said...

Have fun and enjoy!. I truly enjoy reading your blog, I may not always able to comment, but I'm a regular reader.

Thank you for sharing,


AubrieAnne said...

Good for you for voicing the things you love about yourself. It is so important to love things about yourself!!!

Also, I'm sending you my stuff today, soon, So you'll have it for tomorrow. Sorry it's taking this long!

I'll email it or send it through WEbook!

Kimberly said...

Hi. Great Blog & Theme!
Enjoy your time with your friend.

(visiting from FTLOB Comment Love Hop)

Shalyn said...

This is such a beautiful post. I love your last words to your father and that you are a mother but never expected to be. So beautiful!

AubrieAnne said...

ok, I sent both guest blog posts! Let me know if you didn't get them or if you need anything else! Just comment on my blog or shoot me an email at and I will get back to you ASAP!

~Dawn~ said...

Happy New Year!! I'm a new follower.

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

Jo's Health Corner said...

I love your list of things you love about yourself. Have fun with your friend this week!

Just Married with Coupons said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and joining our Give It To Monday Blog Hop... We're following you back.. hope to see you next week =)

Liz said...

Those are some lovely things to love about yourself! I, myself, practically live in flip flops. Such a sweet memory to have of your dad. I end every conversation with "I love you" because you never know if something will happen.

Liz @ lil-LIZ-bits

Anonymous said...

This is the best list of love ever! I especially love the "mystery" that you hold..even to those who know you well. Me too!
Left you a little gift at No. 7. I think you've received one before, but it's good to be loved.

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