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Monday, November 29, 2010

If I Could Change One Thing.....

Okay so, I asked you guys to ask me anything and I got some good questions, but only from a few of you!

I'm still taking questions though, figured it would be a fun way to help you guys learn more about me, and perhaps entertain as well!  AubrieAnne really kicked it into high gear and gave me a bunch of questions, but the one I'm picking for today is....

(insert drum roll here)

If you could change one thing about your daily routine, what would it be?

Yes, I know I picked the easiest one first, but alas there's a reason.  Kiddo had her first day of work today and it was my stepfather's birthday, so I'm just now getting around to posting here and didn't want to skip the day, so here ya go.

If I could change one thing about my daily routine, I'd definitely add more waking hours.

While most people have sleep disorders that keep them awake, I've got one that makes me wanna sleep.  Pretty much all the time.  I get up and an hour later, I'm ready to take a nap.  When I was tested, I fell into REM sleep within two and a half minutes of laying down.  At night, and at four separate times during the following day.  After seven years of Ritalin and Adderall, they've become non-effective so I'm pretty much on my own until someone comes up with a new drug.

I can tell you that it's difficult to get everything done in eight hours.  It might be easier if they were eight consecutive hours, but I get through my day usually in two to three hour increments of being awake.  On top of that, the issue is compounded because the disease also affects focus and concentration, so I can start out washing the dishes and leave them half done to go rake the yard.  Needless to say it's challenging to keep up with the normal day to day housework that needs to be done, much less anything else.

I make fun of it a lot, laugh about sleeping my life away and I'm generally a pretty positive person, but it's quite frustrating to be honest.  I guess the humor is a coping mechanism because some days it would be pretty easy to just sit down and cry.

So yep, that's it.  I'd add about ten hours less sleep and have the spotless house that I've always wanted, and well, plenty of hours in the day to blog.  We won't even go there.  Writing is my heart, whether it's a book, or a poem or a blog post, so yeah, pretty sure I do a lot more writing and a lot less cleaning than I probably should, but the dustbunnies haven't taken over and demanded a ransom yet, so I think we're okay!

Great questions AubrieAnne, thanks for the reply and I'll catch another one (one that requires a bit more thought) on tomorrows post!


DocKev said...

Just so you know, I hunt and kill dustbunnies while you nap, because yo, Imma awesome husband like that.

djpr said...

Oooooooh now I know why they're not forming cavalry raids! Thanks baby you're the best!

Eschelle said...

I get that too i think its cause of all the sleep us moms loose during pregnancy and infancy. There's just NO way to catch up on it unless you sleep for a solid month... doesn't that sound nice?? hibernation :)

My last post

djpr said...

Ooooh like bears! I'd loooove that! :)

DawnZhang said...

I would change my closet -_- and would add a few more barbies to my collection ^.^

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