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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Fluff - A Visual Feast - Week Two

If you know anything about me, you'll know I love cats.  Seriously love cats.  I've got a tattoo of a paw print on my wrist, have four of the little monsters in my house regularly, four others that come in at night and I've lost count of how many make themselves at home on my deck.  So today's fluff is literal.  These are my babies.

Kameko - (Japanese for Tortoise Child/Wish for long life) aka Moo Moo (she's FAT)

Formerly known as Shitty Kitty (from past owners) now Boo Boo or Queen Boo as she prefers to be called.

Moo Moo - SEE she IS fat!

The baby, Cajun Tuscaloosa aka Kittenhead

Boo and Kittenhead being lovey dovey, or Cajun being lovey dovey and Boo dealing with it.

Kittenhead being CUUUUTE

Oddly enough, I couldn't find any pictures of LeeLoo.  She's an ODD cat, but I'll go into that more when I manage to locate her pictures and maybe add them next time around!  These are my babies, I command you to now.....LOVE THEM!  :)


DawnZhang said...

Hahah they are sooo cute and adorable! I love cats too, they are beautiful creatures! And yes Ma'am command accepted ... I LOVE THEM! XD

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cats! Ya don't have to command this oldie one, but command accepted anyhoow. I have two cats of my own, Skippydoodle (Skippy) is my baby, masseuse(no spellcheck), jester and overall pain in my ass, while Stinky is the bodyguard, outdoor house security and interior decorator.

Vic said...

I'm not sure what you mean by us adding your links...your supposed to add those yourself! If I've missed something please email us. Thanks

For The Love of Blogs

djpr said...

@Dawn - Yay! You love my babies! :)

@EH - Yeah, I'll have to write more about them eventually, they're amazing, it's so funny how thy all have their own little personalities just like us! Give Skippy and Stinky a belly rub for me!

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