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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Fluff - A Visual Feast

So I've decided that Sundays will be "fluff" day.  Every Sunday I'll be posting either art or photographs simply meant to be visually appealing.  No rants, no lectures, no this is my life, just pretty or amazing stuffies I've found floating around.

Since I am the mother of a future art major, I'm going to start with artwork my daughter has completed over the past year or two.  As you've already read if you've read my blog at all, she's a senior at Thomas Dale High School in the Specialty Center for the Arts, and you'll also know I'm exceptionally proud of her.

So without further ado, the art of Meaghan (Kitty) Riley.  Enjoy.

Self Portrait

Lost In Wonderland
(Took Second Place in Reflections Program)

Some World of Warcraft Creature :p

Don't Forget


Drink Your Medicine

Do You Know






Family (Close Up)


She's in the process of putting together her portfolio for VCU, and has other artwork that is in the relative safety of the chaos she calls a room, so this is all I can get my hands on until she's assured that everything else has arrived with her application and isn't afraid that a tiny tornado or something will come down and sweep it away from anyone else who might be holding it besides her.


DocKev said...

Looks like you passed on all the good genes and I passed on the not so good ones.

DawnZhang said...

Oh my god. This is brilliant work. I have always had this passion for art and I believe I draw well, not so good but yeah good enough to call it a drawing. But your daughter has excelled. This is awesome work. I think you should make a exhibition or something out of this. Love the paintings and how each piece or art has a deep meaning. Wonderful, simple wonderful!

djpr said...

@Kev You know it! :P Seriously though, you draw better than I do and you know it! I do graphics remember? Flat out art? She got that from you.

@DZ Thank you! I think she's pretty amazing too :P She'll be showing one of her pieces in the Reflections program this year too, pretty sure she has one piece on display at Virginia Commonwealth University now, and she's in the process of applying there for college next fall. She's got some incredible pieces in her art portfolio and the first Sunday I get my hands on them, they'll be the Sunday Fluff feature here!

AubrieAnne said...

Wow. I love how much color she uses. I do a lot of black and white, but I really want to venture into more color. I have no doubt that her portfolia will look spectacular.

Next week, I am doing an Art Week where all I post all week is art. I should be fun and I look forward to it.

djpr said...

Ooooh that sounds neat! I'm looking forward to seeing yours! I decided just Sundays, it'll give me a break from trying to figure out something to post and showcase some pretties, always fun there.

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