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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Question of the Day! The Worlds' End?

Another great question by Aubrie Anne, a fellow Webooker and new friend!

If you knew for certain that the world would truly end in just over a year, what would you do with the rest of your life?

Now, how's that for a wake up thought huh?

Actually I've been thinking about this for a few days, so I think I'm ready.  There are SO many things I've wanted to do all my life, and without having to worry about the future, the first thing I would do is sell my house and buy a REALLY nice RV.  I'd probably pile the cats in it too, even if I had to sneak them in so the hubby wouldn't know they were there.  There are only so many things you can walk away from and I'd worry that whoever bought the house wouldn't feed them.  Enough about that though....meow!

I'd of course keep the excess money from the house for things like airline tickets.  After all, an RV, even the best ones won't get you across oceans.

With family in tow, and hubby driving (since that's what he DOES) we'd of course see all the sights here in the good 'ol US before jumping ship, or ahem...plane.  Of course ships are awesome too, I think a two week cruise to Alaska would be fantabulous, as long as we don't get one of those weird illnesses that ships have become famous for, or well a fire breaks out and we're stranded in the middle of the ocean for days.  Hm.  Maybe a plane would be better.  I'd make sure my daughter saw as much of the world as she could, which would ensure a visit to Croatia since she has some odd fixation with that country for reasons I have yet to figure out.

Places I would HAVE to see:

Grand Canyon
Rodeo Drive
Key West
Giant Redwoods
The Midwest (and a tornado!)
New York City (again but for longer)
New Orleans
Oh and I'd spend at least two weeks at Oak Haven Resort in Tennessee!  Gorgeous!
Denver (to see the Colorado Avalanche play hockey!)

I'm sure there are other places I'd wind up, but those are the ones that popped into my head first.

I'd go bungee jumping, parasailing, sky diving, mountain climbing, snowboarding, BASE jumping (at the Cave of Swallows of course), and basically find any and every extreme adventure I could to get involved in.  I'd probably have everything pierced that I could get, and get covered with tattoos, one from every place I visited to remind me of the adventure.

I'd love to see Ireland and Scotland especially, although there are TONS of other places I'd like to visit as well.  Russia, Germany, would love to go back to England, Sweden might be off limits as I'd most likely stalk Peter Forsberg and be either incarcerated or evicted as a result.

I'd rob a bank and spend all the money to take food and toys to kids overseas who don't know what either are, and spend the rest of the year running from the cops.

All in all I'd be an angel and a devil rolled into one, and suck out every single adventure I could find so I can honestly say when it's all over that I did it all.

Thanks again AubrieAnne the Fantabulous over at Who's Your Editor for the questions, this is FUN!  More answers to come tomorrow!


Eschelle said...

those are some killer ideas!! invest in two RVs so you don't kill one another before the world ends lol!!

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djpr said...

Ugh but then I'd have to drive! :) I figure an RV is big enough that I can just go to sleep if the fam annoys me too much! I'm a damn good sleeper too!

AubrieAnne said...

A devil and angel all at the same time. Sounds like fun! This is great. I'd definately want to see a bunch of those places too.

Anonymous said...

I was ready to tag along until you mentioned bungee and base jumping along with skydiving! :)

djpr said...

@AA It does doesn't it! I've got all this stuff on my list o' stuff to do before I croak, so maybe there will be a blog about it one day!

@EH Aw come on, it'll be fun!

Anonymous said...

I live in the Midwest.... tornados, all the time. I love them, and dark storms are the best. Me personally, I want to see a mountain, actually, I want to live with them. Maybe someday...

djpr said...

I bet! I've always thought they were so beautiful, all the power and still graceful. I grew up in and around the mountains of southwest VA and I love that too! We're reversed, I grew up in the mountains and my first trip to Texas I was in awe that you could see forever it was so flat! I loved it though, and the people there were so nice!

DawnZhang said...

I would all the wonderful places mentioned above. I'd buy all the barbies and love sotry books in the world. I would as much as carrots as I can. I'd go to Leaning Tower Of Pisa. I'd never stop singing and would finish writing at least one book! XD

djpr said...

Ooooh, I'll have to take pictures of my daughter's Barbie collection one day so you can see them! She collected for years and years!

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