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Monday, November 22, 2010

Once upon a time....and she lived happily ever after!

Once upon a time there was a girl.  The girl fell in love with writing.  She wrote about everything, all the time.  All was going well until the girl found out she was a narcoleptic.  

She was very sad for a time.  Seems all she wanted to do was sleep and sleep and sleep more.  She couldn't write while she was sleeping so of course her writing suffered.  Then an amazing thing happened.  The girl was given Ritalin.  She was so happy she wrote and wrote and wrote some more.  She wrote books, she wrote poetry, she wrote short stories.  She wrote with her friends and she wrote with strangers.  She heard the guy on SouthPark say "Drugs are bad" but she didn't listen.  She took them three times a day and wrote until she couldn't write anymore.

One day though, the drugs stopped working.  She started sleeping again, and there was nothing Prince Charming could do except watch her sleep.  His kisses wouldn't wake her, so he started yelling.  That didn't work either.  Finally he just gave up and saved his kisses for when she was awake, so they kissed a lot less often than they used to.

The girl didn't like that so she got the nice man at the hospital to give her more drugs.  He gave her Adderall.  She was happy again.  She was kissing again, and writing again.  Sometimes about kissing.  Prince Charming was happy and so was she.

All fairy tales must come to an end though.  Even the new drugs stopped working after a time.  The girl was sleeping more than ever.

She figured she'd never get a novel written since she was sleeping so much, and she wanted to share her writing with the world!  She thought and thought and thought and finally came up with the solution to her problem.  If she couldn't stay awake long enough to write an entire novel, she'd write.....a blog!  

Now the girl is at her computer whenever she's awake writing all kinds of things on her new blog.

She was having so much fun with her blog, she started another one.  And then she joined blog hops to find more people to be friends with, and more blogs to read.  Now she's reading all the time, and only one thing still makes her sad.  She needs more people to read her blogs.  If she could only find someone who would help her find those people, well she would live......

Happily Ever After.

The End


DawnZhang said...

Hahahaha! I feel the number of people reading the blog doesn't matter as long as the ones reading it appreciate it sincerely! I love your Blog and nothing can change my love for it! XD Happy Blogging and you have all the potential in the world to write a novel, lovely!

Not Blessed Mama said...

i found you on tough cookie mommy and i would be happy to read your blog!

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I see we have something in common because I, too love my nose piercing and my tattoos. I'm passing by and following from Monday Mingle and would love to add you to my blog followers too. I hope to see you next Monday for another exciting edition of Monday Mingle.

djpr said...

Always makes me happy to have people reading! Welcome and I hope you'll enjoy! If there's anything I can do to make your visit more entertaining, please let me know! Thanks for following!

And yeah, I've got quite a few piercings, it's my addiction of choice, although I'm getting into tattoos but ugh, being broke and wanting ink do NOT go together lol!

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