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Thursday, December 16, 2010

AubrieAnne, Vic, Ashley, Dawn, Kate, Eschelle, Missy, Lindsay and the Hubs!

A lot of you I'm still getting to know, but even though I've only been blogging for a little while, there are a few of you that have just made the experience so unbelievably wonderful and I would give you the moon and stars if I could, but well, I don't have a ladder that tall or a bucket to put them in if I got them, and pretty sure God puts a hefty pricetag on those celestial thingamajiggies, and well I'm broke.

So for you guys listed below, I did the only thing I really could.  I made you a cute little button.

AubrieAnne over @ Who's Your Editor - The one who got me started blogging again.  A wonderful writer, a fantastic person, she's made blogging fun for me again.  Forever leaving comments and lovies for me that I adore, she is always interested in what I have to say (or pretends well enough that it's okay) and has a beautiful blog full of interesting factoids about stuff from shoes to writing.  She's also got pretty good taste in men :)

Vic & Ashley over @ For the Love of Blogs - Really?  What can I say.  Without these guys I never would have met most of the rest of you.  From their hops to featured blog posts, to the listings of all kinds of blogs for anyone's tastes, they're fantastic!

Vic my little darling @ Freckles and Fudge - Where to start!  She's funny, amazing, sincere, giving, compassionate, loving, and did I say funny?  Oh and she BAKES!  The most amazing stuffies that make my mouth water and pretty sure I've drooled a time or two.  She's got great jammies and did I mention wild animals in her backyard?  Not like raccoon wild, like gator wild.  Yep, hardcore that!

Dawn @ Letters to Princess - This girl is my biggest fan!  She's always left me love on every single post I've written and has been there to pick me up when I'm down and laugh with me over the goofy stuff I'm always writing.  She's an angel in disguise who loves snow, vampires and writing and anyone who loves all three has got to be kinda special right?

Kate @ Love is Everywhere - Oh my, this lady is fantabulous!  Every once in a while you find someone that seems like the other half of your soul.  Someone that makes you feel like you've known them forever and you just jump in with both feet and squeal with joy.  Her posts are amazing, and her comments even more so.  At least to me!  I heart her!  She's so full of wonderful it makes my head swim and I look forward to reading her posts like a fat kid looks forward to birthday cake.

Eschelle @ Mumfection -   This ladybug has a heart as big as all outdoors.  We clicked right away and she's offered me some wonderful advice on some sticky topics and just plain ol' lovies on others.  She's dealt with more pain in her life than anyone should and she's still so young!  She's the one that's going to come out on top though because I truly believe that what you do comes back to you, and she's done so much for people, always encouraging, helpful, loving, she can't help but be on the receiving end of a boatload of good stuff in her future!

Kevin @ Awkward Humor - Tee Hee!  One cuz he's my hubs, and two cuz now he'll have to put the little cutesy button on his page or I'll have to cry and then he'll feel bad, so he'll do it.  Not to mention that despite our differences, and all the ick that comes and goes in relationships, I'm ever so thankful to have a husband who still loves me even though I'm getting older than dirt, who is supportive and helpful, encouraging me to find my dreams, who tells me I'm beautiful and still chases me around the bedroom even when I feel fat and ugly, and doesn't get pissy if I don't cook, oh and he's funny!  He makes me laugh and that's the recipe for love in my book.  We all get old, sometimes cranky and pissy, but if you've got a man who can make you laugh, life will never be boring.

Missy over @  The Not Always Happy Homemaker Diaries - I don't even remember where I found this wonderful lady, but I'm oh so glad I did.  She never fails to come visit me and leave me lovely comments and thoughts, but she's touched me in a lot of ways from her posts.  She brought back a ton of childhood memories, lovely ones, posting the videos for some of my favorite Christmas programs as a kid and inspired me to find them on tv this year to watch with my youngling.  She's a cat lady too and we've got so much in common I'd be crazy if I didn't love her!

And finally, last but CERTAINLY not least Lindsay over @ Scenic Glory - I could go on and on about this beautiful lady, but I'll just say that she inspires me every single day.  She makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me sentimental and nostalgic, brings back the most beautiful memories and gives me hope that the future might just be okay with young people like her in it.  Not to mention she reminds me ever so much of my own daughter and that's never a bad thing in my book!

Wow, I've got a lot of wunnerful friends!  Love all you guys and well, just imagine the cute little button as anything your little hearts have ever desired and maybe it'll all be good to go!  So grab your button....

and have the most wonderful day ever.  Oh know that I adore you guys!  Thank you for being such wonderful people and friends!  xoxoxox


AubrieAnne said...

Ahhhh! I LOVE it and I'm putting it on my blog right now. Thankyou for all your kind words and that little note at the end. I turned all giddy giggly! You're truely my Blogging Bestie!

Vic said...

awwww....super fabulous you pretty....i need to hurry and show it off....thank you dollface...back atcha

lindsay said...

oh my gosh...donna you are the sweetest thing ever...and that button is all kinds of awesome :) owls are my favorite ♥ as soon as i get home from work i am putting that baby on my blog for all the world to see!

you are so incredibly lovely in more ways than i can ever describe. to be next to all of these other bloggers receiving this award is beyond amazing.

thank you so much for your kind words. about 1 month ago i starting posting for absolutely no audience and i kept going and going hoping that one day someone would find me and be inspired. today i have beautiful people like you stopping by my corner of the world and it is the best feeling ever. you are a true gem donna...i really appreciate you and everything you do.


angie on maui said...

I am new to your blog (visiting from FTLoB) and this particular post really struck a chord with me. I am currently following many of the blogs you referenced above, and I could not agree with you more that these ladies are some of the nicest people around.

I'm a total newbie to the blog-hop thing, but in the few short days I've been here, I've found some great blogs and the wonderful people behind them. Your little blog button of gratitude makes me smile. :)

Following you now.

Crystal said...

Hey girl- I'm visiting via Vic at Freckles and Fudge but I'm also a For the love of Blogs groupie! Can't wait to look around your blog and see what makes you tick.

Eschelle said...

i love you you're far too sweet for words! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox lol! :D

Kate said...

Donna love! You are such a beautiful soul :) Honestly, without a doubt! I really do feel like I know you so well, and we're lifelong friends. I look forward to reading from both of your blogs because they are so cute, funny, inspirational and open my mind up! This cute button could not have come at a better time! Today was a little rough day for me, I shook it off though but of course that anxious feeling was still there. I checked my comments and saw what you wrote and I could feel my eyes widen up all by themselves when you put that you had a pressie on your page, hehe. My curiosity raced me over here to read this wonderful post about all of these lovely women who share their life just as we do.

This is so lovely and I will sleep very easy tonight because of you and your amazing friendship, Donna! :)


Anonymous said...

Aubrie's awesome like that, huh? She almost always commenting on my posts and she and I have a TON in common, specifically our love of reading and writing. She's probably one of my most frequent readers :)

pr0udmom0f3 said...

I just now got to see this!! Thank you sooooo much Donna. Yes, us cat ladies must stick together my friend. (=

The only reason I stumbled on to the post was because TODAY, I had submitted YOU (Donna) as my Fab Friend for the FTLOB's 'Fab Friend Friday' on MY post this morning.

Love ya girl! And know that I'm always around.. And hit me up on FaceBook, would ya?

pr0udmom0f3 said...

@Eschelle... I'm now finally following your blog! (=

I love your tree by the way. Puts mine to shame lol.

DawnZhang said...

Awww Donna thank you so much. You are so so special to me. And I am your biggest fan! You're an angel in disguise!

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