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Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome! You're in MY world now! Part Two.

So you've all been hearing me say how it took me THREE days to mop my kitchen floor right?

Well here's why.  I'm a horrible collector of all things cute, quaint, and otherwise unnecessary.

I love my kitchen though and this is why it's so hard for me to get rid of anything, every little thing I can tell you where I got it or who gave it to me.  It's the warmest room in the house and there are so many magical memories there of my daughter playing in the floor when she was a baby and there was no table.  She'd ride her little walk about car all over the kitchen singing the whole time!

I've been needing to paint in there, but ummm, HA!  Unless about twenty of you want to come help, it's not happening anytime soon!

So here's the next installment in my little world, hope you enjoy your visit!  Don't mind the mismatched cabinets that I still haven't finished painting or the mismatched curtains that I made one set and completely forgot to do the matching one for over the sink.  Oopsie?


Eschelle said...

i like your setup it looks like a womans home for sure! All that stuff reminds me of my (what might have been) step mom.

djpr said...

Yep, hubby really doesn't get into the decorating. We're polar opposites with our tastes so I think he gave up lol I swear it doesn't look that crazy in person, the pictures it looks like I need to reserve a spot on that hoarding show! :)

April said...

thanks so much for linking up with the Military Monday blog hop! you have a lovely blog here and i look forward to reading more from you :)


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