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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas

Only thirteen more days until Christmas.  It seems strange that as kids we look forward to Christmas Day all year long, and as adults this is the one time of year that we find smiles come a little easier, goodwill a little more quickly.  The lights, the gifts, yes, even the shopping and decorating and everything we consider work seems to be a little bit easier to find joy in doing.  The Spirit of Christmas for a few short weeks is alive and glowing and making us all better people.

Since I've started blogging, I've found the most amazing group of people.  People who unselfishly take time from their day to read about and comment on the lives and interests of others.  People who take the time to create ways for us to explore new avenues of expression.  When I first started my blog, I wrote a few articles, and quickly got depressed because I wasn't sure how to find people interested in reading what I wrote.  If no one reads your writing, it's still writing, it's still therapeutic, but part of the link remains broken.  AubrieAnne helped me find interest in starting to write again, to once more devote my time to my blog and for that I am eternally grateful.  Her inspiration came at a time when I was willing to try again, maybe harder this time.

Then I discovered For the Love of Blogs.  One little hop and I discovered a world that was out there, a world of people who feel some of the same things I do, struggle with the same obstacles I struggle with, suffer the same disappointments and fears, and most of all find joy and happiness in much of the same things.  Through making that one little decision to follow that page, I've been immersed in so much love and caring and genuine happiness that it's hard to put into words.

Since from time to time words fail even me (I know, shocking) I'll make an attempt to put my wishes for you to paper or keyboard as the case may be in the only way I know how.  Broken, random, but sincere.  I wish that each of you, my friends whom I've never met but love dearly nonetheless, a Christmas filled with:

The love you give doubled when it returns to you.

Trust that you will never be alone.

The ability to see beauty in everything around you and in your own mirror.

Joy in the simple things so easily taken for granted.

The pleasure from a warm cup of tea or coffee and a moment of time to call your own.

Smiles to light your day and make everything seem possible.

Hope for the future.

Memories for the past.

Happiness in the present.

The warmth of caring for others.

The solitude of getting lost in a good book.

An unforgettable moment with a best friend.

A movie that makes you cry.

An unexpected moment that makes you laugh.

A moment of clarity where you can see forever.

The ability to reconcile a past so you won't have any regrets.

A view that takes your breath away.

The caress of snow on your cheeks.

The warmth of the sun on your toes.

The blessing of knowing you are loved.

Enough pain to know pleasure.

Enough tears to know joy.

Enough sadness to appreciate happiness.

The sparkle of moonlight on the water.

The glimmer of frost on the windows.

Glowing light from a candle.

The velvety darkness of  a starlit sky.

The comforting crackling of a warm fire.

And finally, the health, happiness, love, joy, and wonder to experience the desires of your heart not only during Christmas, but every day, by keeping the spirit of the holidays alive in your heart throughout the year.

Share your Christmas wishes for your friends here, and make sure you stop by and say thank you.  For the opportunity to express your appreciation not only for her, but for all your friends, no matter how far apart they are, the friends who share their lives and loves and hopes with you through their blogs and their writings.

I hope you all have the most wonderful Holiday Season ever.  Thank you for sharing with me, for accepting me into your lives even if it's only through a little space on the web.  You are all loved.


Kate said...

Oh Donna this is truly beautiful, honestly, just amazing! I am extremely thankful that we are friends and blogging brought us together. When I started writing again I didn't think I would become so close with so many wonderful people. You're truly genuine and real, I just love you for all of your great qualities! :)


Joan J.T said...

I felt the same way too. Blogging is a new thing to me. I did it for fun~ and it was pretty frustrating when you couldn't find any suitable or interesting entry to put in to your blog~ But to me, actually I don't care about what people want to say about my entries. I write what I like, it is up to the readers whether they want to read it or not. It's okay :)

Christmas is just around the corner, Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~ May Your Christmas filled with joy, peace and love :)

AubrieAnne said...

Yeah! I am so happy you are here because it has made my first time blogging so fulfilling and fun!

Thank you for the Christmas wishes. I wish you all the same. Happy Blogging!

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing so much in this post! I agree, it's hard to get into blogging sometimes if you feel like no one's listening. I decided to just just write from the heart for myself and it's worth it.

Thanks for stopping by through Relax & Surf Sunday! I <3 that you have Better Than Ezra playing on your blog right now, I am a big fan of theirs!

Sofia's Ideas said...

Oh, Donna, I loved this post so much! I'm so glad I scrolled down to find this! I just loved it through and through. I share this sentiment with you - I put some of the same thoughts in a post I put up today actually. It had been sitting in my drafts for several months, but after an email I got, I felt compelled to finish & post it.

I especially loved when you said "If no one reads your writing, it's still writing, it's still therapeutic..." Its so true for me too! I actually started my blog because I was coming out of a 9 month depression, and I called it my "gestation period". If you go back to my first 2 posts, its all there.

I am REALLY glad we found each other! :)

Vic said...

I'm so glad i got some time to read this! I love you for all reasons-----> your real, pretty, beautiful, admiring, unique, a great friend, inspiring, loving, gentle, FUNNY, Okay HILARIOUS...a sparkle to my everyday wake ups! Someone I'm so glad to have found! Your simply amazing: ) MUAHHHHHHHHHHH Merry Christmas

shah wharton said...

Great heart-felt read. Have a smashing holiday and keep blogging. Shah. X

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