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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lots of Stuffies for the Day!

This worked out pretty darn neat if you ask me!

My ever so fabulous blog bestie AubrieAnne won the Christmas Game I posted here (if you'd like to go see if you can figure them out) with her answers here (if you wanna cheat and just check it out).  For that, I promised her a full feature on my blog which coincides with For the Love of Blogs fabulous Friday blog hop which you can get to by clicking the pretty little button here!

Fab Friends Friday is where you give a shout out to a blog friend so you can guess what clicked in my mind right?  Yep.  My shout out, blog hop, and feature all in one economically bundled post.  So without further fluff and randomness, I introduce to you all, the featured post of the day!

Who's Your Editor?

I've always loved to read and write, but one thing I love more than either of those is helping other fledling writers pick up their pens. WYE? has allowed me to help in many different ways. I'm able to write articles on style and grammar, tips and tricks, interesting and random facts, fun and helpful articles I have read, books I recommend be read or thrown away, and movies that inspire imaginations. I also post some things about my own work or other crafts I am working on, such as art or jewelry making. All in all, it's been so much fun!

So, if you're interested in reading, writing, movies, or art and you have some spare time, come on by and I'll be blogging away!

There ya have it!  Head over and check out her blog and leave her some lovies too!  She's awesome about starting discussions and replying to everyone quickly and with the flair that is all her own!  She's a fantastic writer, a wonderful friend, a shoe virtuoso, and oh yeah, she makes her own jewelry too!  How creative is that hm?   This girlie got me into blogging again after several months offline and I can't thank her enough.  Because of her I'm here, meeting new friends, making the most fabulous discoveries and just enjoying the whole blogging experience!


Eschelle said...

that did work out very neatly for you! sweet deal!

AubrieAnne said...

Thanks Sweetie!!!

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