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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Simple Things

So, it's been a busy day today, running around, and now I have to drive out to Powhatan to pick up the Kitty Princess since the boyfriend doesn't want to drive her home.  Ugh.  An hour drive each way that I'm not looking foward to.  Until now, we'd been enjoying a quiet evening at home.  Candle burning, watching some television, and yes, a cup of Russian tea for me.  All that was missing was snow.

Tonight The Santa Clause was on.  The one with Tim Allen.  I love that movie.  Always have.  The first one was definitely the best one, but the second one is the one that made me think.

If you haven't by some chance seen it, I won't spoil it for you, but I will tell you this.  If I was ever in a situation where I was presented with Santa, I so wouldn't be a hard sell.  The conversation would go something like this.

"I'm Santa."

"Really?  I mean REALLY?"



End of story.  Maybe thats part of the reason so many people think I'm crazy, but I have a very simple take on things.  Life should be simple shouldn't it?  When did everything become so complicated anyway?  Marriage, mortgages, utility bills, orthodontist visits, cheerleading dues, cars and insurance, college, the list goes on and on.  But why does it have to be so difficult?  Is it so hard to accept that life is truly what you make it?  Sure things are going to happen that don't fit in with our master plan.  We'll have heartache and pain, loss and sadness, but at the end of the day?  There is only so much WE can do to change our lives.  We can be positive, upbeat, make the most out of the situations we're presented with.  Move up, move on.

Ugh, I know it sounds simplistic, but why can't it be?  Why do we lose that beautiful spirit of innocence.  I'm not suggesting we all believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, but it seems like if we tried harder, if we didn't worry so much, or question so many things in our lives that maybe we could slowly go back to where our lives were simpler.  Where magic could take the form of a something as simple as a sunset or the touch of a child's fingertips on our own.  A place where the most important things in our lives are not the balance in our checkbooks or the square footage of our homes or the brand name on the inside of our clothing.

But that's just me, thinking again.  I'd like to think it's possible.  I'd like to think it's probable even.  What do YOU think?


Eschelle said...

once we loose our innocence the world isn't the greatest place in the universe.

AubrieAnne said...

I thinking that if you want sow, I'll give you some fraken SNOW!!! There is a blizzard outside my window right now. I can feel it moving my HOUSE!!! lol. I was out shopping all day with a friend of mine, we went to the mall, best buy, home depot, meijer, target, TJ Maxx, American Eagle, etc, etc, dinner, and a movie. AND when we walked out of that movie the ground was covered in 2 inches of snow! By the time I got home, there were 4 inches of snow, and now, there are 6 inches of snow! (NO JOKE!!)

Anyway, back to your topic. I love to believe! It's just not in Santa anymore (YEAH! You can thank my cousins for that! The ruined Santa for me at age 9! So I didn't really get a chance to feel all that magic.) However, now I believe in other things, like love, human compassion, human kindness, and parents who bring Santa to life! Especially now. Every now and then I think this world sucks! But I'm always reminded at the end of the year why we care.

Sofia's Ideas said...

This is beautifully written, Donna. I love when you said "Where magic could take the form of a something as simple as a sunset or the touch of a child's fingertips on our own..."

This is actually the premise behind my blog, and I would just love for you to come on over and be art of the discussion!

Again, very well said! :)

Matt Dimitroff said...

Hey, Powhatan was the tribe from Pocahontas! (That's me being innocent.)

djpr said...

@Eschelle I know and I hate that. We should be able to get innocence recharges or something. Think how lovely the world would be if we could just hold onto that childlike innocence?

@AA Yes please? The snow that is! I want snow sooo badly! Pout Pout Pout! But yeah, I think we do believe in different things as we grow older, and any belief in something that is bigger than us is a good thing. That's what helps keep the innocence alive.

@Sofia Aw, thank you! I'll definitely head over that way and look around! You're on my daily check list anyway! lol

@Matt Would it be wrong to hope that some indian chief hop out and scalp the bf? (That's me being serious.) lol

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm constantly wanting to go back to being a kid, when times were simpler for me and I believed in the magic that is Santa and the Tooth Fairy. It's usually when I'm stressed about finals and assignments or when I was living in an apartment and was stressed about bill and not having a job to avoid my dad transferring money to my account. My little cousins have no idea how lucky they are!

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