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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Everything After

Hello my lovelies!  I think I'm finally back, this stupid cold is refusing to go the way of Christmas and the snow we got Christmas Day.  Yes, that's right, we had our first white Christmas in I think they said 130 years.  They were initially calling for 12 to 18 inches and we ended up with about 8 if you believe the reports.  Some places it looked like more, others not so much, but today it's WAY above freezing and the snow is melting way too fast for my liking.  Not to mention that the wind is c.r.a.z.y. so what's not melting is getting blown away.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, full of family and friends and happiness and joy.  Ours was relatively quiet, spend Christmas Eve with my mom and stepdad, had fantastic food and a good visit, my Kitty princess got some awesome gifts from them, and we got home and for the first time in 17 years had no presents that needed wrapping so I was able to go to bed at a relatively decent hour without staying up half the night wrapping.

Christmas Day the in-laws made their way here with boxes galore so the babygirl got even more gifts which of course made Mama Kitty happy.  Despite my earlier glee that we could spend the entire day at home, it ended up there was a "miscommunication" so we got to bundle up and drive a half hour in the pouring down snow to sit down for dinner, then drive home.  Didn't even get doggie bags either.  Sucks.  One day I swear we're going to sit on our rear ends ALL day Christmas and not leave the house no matter what.

I think I've figured out it's the grandkids thing.  When you get grandkids you can sit down and make imperative rulings regarding the traveling plans for your family for every holiday known to mankind.  I don't know, I might rather go out than think about what that requires on the part of my daughter.  Besides the fact that I'm not nearly ready to have grandkids.  Especially not by HIM.  And that's all I'm saying on that matter.

So the kiddo is out of school this week, and I'm looking forward to spending some downtime with the family. Hopefully the hubs will be off some more too, and we can laze around and enjoy our time together since it doesn't happen all that often.  Not nearly often enough as a matter of fact.

So that's pretty much it from the home of the Mama Kitty and her brood.  Wish I could have taken pictures of the kitten cats in the snow, they were hilarious, but alas I opened the door to video them and they freaked out and went skating.  Go figure.


AubrieAnne said...

It's very nice to have you back! Glad to here the that Christmas was good and went smoothly besides that pesky cold. See ya around.

posidanielle said...

Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful. I can't wait to have that Christmas where my little family and I can just hang out at our house all day. I am waiting patiently for that day. I think next year we are planning on heading down to Mexico to spend Christmas with my hubs' family.

Take care and hopefully you can sneak a video of your cats playing in the snow that would be wonderful!

nuclearheadache said...

You can some of our snow if you want. I have a team of dump trucks standing by.

Eschelle said...

could have been worse! :D

Sherri said...

Hi Donna!! I'm a new follower & found your blog thru mumfection blog & that amazing santa letter you did!! Wow, I was so super impressed & wished that I had found you a little sooner:) After reading thru some of your posts, I just fell in love with your blog & look forward to reading much more!!!

Kate said...

Donna! I've been so bad this week with blogging! I'm catching up too. I hope you're feeling better. I'm sick now and it sure does stink. I have to give a speech at my best friend's wedding tomorrow! I feel like that should be a song, lol! :) Anyways, enough pitying myself haha, I love you so much!!! I hope that you and your hubbster get some quality time together and just relax. Put your feet up! or on him and make him give you a foot massage, haha

Goodnight :)


Kate said...

Donna! I have presented you with a Stylish Blog award on my blog :) Stop bye to see it. I completely adore you. xoxo


Nellie--Sockertussen said...

I'm your new follower =)
Would love a follow back and a follow on Bloglovin' if possible =D

Happy New Year!


Koco & Viking said...

We're happily following via Fab Friends Friday! We'd love it if you followed us, we think you might dig what we're doin'. :) Thanx

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