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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Color me Happy! Or White!

It's a good day in Mama Kittyville! So much for the dry winter Weather Channel people!

For the past few weeks after the "dry winter" had been predicted, it's been either raining or snowing. Granted, we haven't gotten what some of you have, the feet and feet of snow, but hey, if you know anything about Richmond, we shut down when it snows. Literally. Last night the youngling's school closed. Last Night. It didn't start snowing until about 9 a.m. this morning. Really? Yup. Love it!

I think I should invest in an Almanac, you know the old ones that the older folk swear will predict the weather? Not sure how that works, but maybe just as well if not better than the meteorologists.

So yes, they're calling for four to seven inches of the fluffy white stuff here and that makes my heart happy. Aside from the kitty crises I blogged about here and my husband blogged about here.

Today I shall do n.o.t.h.i.n.g. other that sit back, drink lots of russian tea, eat some ribs (which turned out to. die. for. by the way) and watch some movies on tv.  Oh and maybe I'll take my non-inspected, gas-guzzling monster of a truck that I love out in the snow to scare the people in compact cars.  Maybe.  Or go shopping since the malls are bound to be totally empty since everyone is at the grocery store getting milk and bread.

Hm, what to do what to do.  It'll be fun either way because if there's one thing I love more than cats and chocolate, and shoes and maybe baby's snow!  Yay!


AubrieAnne said...

Yes, more snow for Donna! I'm thinking of having a relaxing day as well. I finished all my classes for this semester yesterday and am a free agent for about a month. I might even clean my room (high-pitched screaming in the background)! lol.

GabbyRM said...

That's awesome. We don't really get snow here, and even flurries are cause for everything to close since it's considered a small miracle. Sounds like you've got some pleasant plans ahead of you. Enjoy the snow!

AMY said...

Hahaha...Enjoy your Snow! I'm almost done enjoying mine for this winter. I'm sure after Christmas I'll be begging for Springtime to hurry up and get here!

lindsay said...

i can't wait to get snow here so i can actually do a little bit of sledding and build a snowman of course! i used to do this in Chicago as a child and have no idea why i's so much fun!!

enjoy your tea and movies lovely deserve it! thank you again for your kindness and're the best ♥

nuclearheadache said...

Ah, those few blessed days when you have no responsibilities to attend to. You can just sit back and relax. I try to have at least one a week. It keeps me sane, even if the laundry is piling up.

I love your layout here,by the way. It looks great.

Donna said...

Yes, I'm super excited even though we didn't get as much snow as they'd said. It's still snow and that's all that counts!

Lindsay you so need to take pictures of you guys sledding that would be adorableness!

Nuclear - Eh, laundry can always wait, besides, throw it in the dryer for a minute and it's all warm and toasty when it comes out! :) Thank you so much for the compliment, I'm always so wishy washy about the layouts but I'm kinda likin this one too!

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