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Monday, April 1, 2013

And the holiday tradition continues.....

I've gotten to where I dread holidays.


Every single special day we lose one of our furbabies.  It's odd really, and it makes me scared for the next holiday around the corner.

I told my entire family not to let our one remaining outside kitty out of the house yesterday thinking I'd be safe.  Well our next door neighbor takes care of all the ones I can't take in my house, so on the way home from dinner at the in-laws last night, I get a text from my neighbor.

The little kitten born in the fall of last year was hit by a car.


We named him Muffin Man because he looks just like one of our outside kitties who disappeared on Black Friday this past year, and her name was Muffin.  He was sweet if terribly skittish and I'll miss seeing his little orange and white face peeking over the bottom frame in the french door.

You'll be missed little man, but there are lots of your little friends already waiting for you just over the Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Muffin Man
Support Michelle Fundraiser (Help Pay for Medical Expenses)


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