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Sunday, April 14, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day Thirteen - The Walk

A Walk

Most often when taking a walk
One chooses somewhere quite lovely

Picks a partner with whom they can talk
And sometimes a cute little doggy.

I see them walking, holding hands
talking, laughing, looking round,

discovering history, or botanical lands
Joyful with discoveries newly found.

The walk that I chose will sound odd to some
One that perhaps wasn’t all that smart

For the walk that I chose was ….dum dum dum…..
Our always quite busy, local WalMart.

I walked past peaches, and plums and pears
Past sprouts and spinach and bags of kraut

I walked past ladies with odd colored hair
and some with a WAY too much skin hanging out.

In the meat aisle, I stared at a man in brassiere
A woman with butt cheeks hanging right out

A person with a belt from an old goodyear
Did they look in a mirror before running about?

I walked through the dairy
past milk jugs and OJ and yogurts with cherries

nearly run over by a little one dressed like a fairy
her smiling face liberally stained with blueberries.

I wandered around a bit aimless and lost
Past ladies with clothing three sizes to small

and men who I’m quite sure have never once flossed
I thought to myself I should have gone to the mall.

I was jostled, and crowded and once even pushed
by two little boys with plastic crossbows

Waiting for someone or something to ambush
Their sticky little fingers clutching plastic ammo.

At that point, I decided I must find the door
Past the lady with no pants and very high boots

dodging wheelchairs and buggies and sticky spots on the floor
and two men or women dressed in spacesuits.

I bolted like bambi, or a cheetah in the chase
I lost track of myself about then I must say

The door looming large at the end of my race
Then a pat on the shoulder and “Have a Nice Day!”

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