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Thursday, April 4, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day Four

 Irregular Apocolypse

Movies and television have it all wrong
There will be no zombies running amok,
no alien spaceships hovering
over New York or DC or Los Angeles
No ice ages that will freeze us all as we stand
and no global tsunamis
washing over humanitys home.
Our downfall wil be our own,
our responsibility, our regret
our mistakes
We are our own apocolypse.

We stomp through life,
seemingly unaware that in so doing
We step one booted foot at a time
into our own undoing.
Our own downfalls.
Perhaps it is our curse
the fact that we destroy everything
we touch.
That we take without giving.
That we rampage through our
own home on Earth
without thought or consequence.

Once upon a time, we were new here
We worked with our Earth
and took only what she gave
and were thankful
We lived on her schedule
we plowed in season
we sowed in time
She gave us everything
but everything has never been enough.

We take advantage
and the little we have learned
has been learned far too late
We are
our own apocolypse
and it is anything but regular.

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