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Sunday, April 21, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day Eighteen - And yada yada yada and...

I never dreamed that a nieces wedding could totally monopolize and entire weekend, but it did and so I find myself four days behind, before I'm finally caught up from the lovely festivities. It was a lovely wedding though and the wedding cake I made turned out quite lovely despite its catastrophe on Friday that required a near total salvage effort, and the cupcakes my daughter made were oh so cute. The bride was beautiful, the tent that was destroyed by high winds on Friday night was repaired early Saturday morning and no one would have ever known so much bad luck preceded the actual event. So now that I've attempted to get back into my poetry, we'll see what happens, three poems in one day might be more than I can manage, but we shall see. So for the NaPoWriMo prompt for the day, a poem that begins and ends with the same word, let's have at it!

Alone I sit
at my small desk in
the hallway
I don't know
what to write anymore
each evening, after dinner
I reach for coffee
and cigarettes
staring at blank pages
that stare back at me

They've laughed before
those papers
knowing that the pen
I hold
will never touch them
that listless fingers
will give up,
walk away, defeated.

There is so much
I NEED to write
so much that needs
to be expelled,
to be birthed
but a friend said
"Never, ever write
what should be written".

So I argue
with myself, my writing
afraid to violate
some unwritten rule
of poetry by needing
something or anything
this badly.

words are born
but the struggle to
answer questions is immediately
followed by questioning
of those answers
just found.

A never ending
circle of words, poetry,
that is mine and mine

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