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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day Seventeen - A Poem of Greeting

For NaPoWriMo today, the prompt is to write a greeting.

Good Morning Moon

My days and nights are confused
once again, I'm afraid
slumber calls far too often, I
wake to sunsets and quiet
instead of the early morning
bustle of life, of people
talking and living and breathing

I realize there's a problem
when the cats sleep less
than I -- when I drift off
to warm bodies snuggled tight
and wake to a cold and lonely
bed, covers pushed away
thrashing limbs on a
posturepedic battlefield.

I've near forgotten the warmth
of sunlight on skin, the
flutter of leaves sparkling
with morning dew.
I've given up the day
a nightwalker, a star that
blazes brightly, but still
for not nearly long enough.

My heart is given to sunshine
and flowers, to birds singing
and dirt under my fingernails
to newly sprouted dahlias
and apple trees, to the sound of
lawnmowers and trimmers
buzzing along merrily
changing daily the landscape of light

My body though denies me much,
all those things I love,
it battles furiously for the night
holding me down - struggling
against all that is light and beauty
forcing another kind of glory,
a shimmering silver perfection....
Good Morning, Moon.

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Bryan M. White said...

You're alive!

I just noticed this on my sidebar.

Donna said...

lol yes, it's been a crazy year, with all the renovations I've got going on, the kiddo in college and stressing and two weddings for nieces in a little less than a year! I decided to do NaPoWriMo , and man, it's taking more effort and energy than I'd thought, but when this month is over I'm planning on taking a new look at blogging in general. A more realistic view actually since I was trying to visit too many people and read stuff I wasn't really interested in since people followed me and I followed them back and then felt obligated to visit.....ugh. Anyway, rambling again! It's good to know at least one person is still hanging around my beached whale of a blog :)

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