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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day Nine - A Noir Poem

Badge 1247 responding.

Hollywood, California, 1947

fame holds hands with corruption

and those pretty dames

are often only pretty on the outside.

It's a cut-throat business


A girl would do anything

to see her name in lights.

A man would do anything to see her in the dark.

The crime scene is ringed by palms

swaying in the crisp spring breeze

bright yellow tape fluttering

around her body--stark contrast

a portrait of life and death.

Officers stand around, pale white

faces stark testimony to the vulgarity

that lies sprawled indignified in crisp

green grass -- a bloody smile

across her delicate throat.

A single red stiletto lies nearby

Camouflaging the blood pooled inside

Evidence is gathered,

a single tube of Sin City Red lipstick

a stage pass to Paramount draped over naked breasts.

Cigarette butts litter the ground around her

Neon lights begin to come up in the distance

Crowds have begun to gather behind

the police sawhorses set up around the perimeter

all anxious to learn the who, the why, the how.

Woolworth suits gather in the bullpen as 

whispers about serial killers and tragedy

The Black Dahlia haunts

everyone these days.

Inspired by LA Noire, produced by Rockstar Games
This case is highly influenced by the murder of Jeanne French. Jeanne French was a 45-year-old army nurse who was discovered stripped and stomped to death early in the morning in February 1947. The case was never officially solved, but was supposedly linked to the infamous "Black Dahlia" murder because the initials "B.D." were written with lipstick on French's dead body and the murder took place just weeks after the murder of Elizabeth Short (Black Dahlia), which also took place in 1947 Los Angeles.

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