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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day 24 - Catching up again.

As ths goes on, I'm afraid I'm less and less willing to follow the prompts.  It appears that the challenge has inspired creativity, but not channeled creativity if that makes any sense at all?  With that said it appears I've got some making up to do once again and oddly enough, I've been spending a lot of time watching Dr. Who and the voice inside my head that reads along as I write is now.....British.  Hm.  Catch up in 3......2.......1

Body and soul
yearning for expression
emotions searching for escape
--an avenue of flight

remembering a time when it was easy
to touch, to feel, to live/
sensations covered so deeply no
by the dust and cobwebs of memory
that its become doubtful
they'll ever be felt again

the joy of discovery
that peaceful tranquility of the night,
before the storm
gentleness as a friends' embrace
passion in a lovers' touch
the serenity of knowing
that there is a place in the world
that only I can fill

what happens to those 
innocent childhood dreams
are they swept away by time
or is it gradual--
until the day comes and
you realize you've lost them
maybe never to find them again

alone in the night
my throat coaxes the scream
symbolizing the frustrations
of a lifetime
finally released in a voice
like a dying animal--trapped all alone
making one last effort at redemption

reaching out to the stars
praying to the light of creation
to absorb the pain
replace it with--anything
numbness, I plead
for that would be better than this
this agony that sears my soul
leaving me so terribly frightened
of nothing and of everything

when did I lose my humanity
"I must have for surely no human heart should feel so"
I wrap my arms tight
around my body
a futile attempt to draw close to something--
frigid night air
that would feel like salvation to me now.

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