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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day Sixteen - Yes, in Swedish.

I told my daughter that I didn't want to do the prompt today. She called me a pansy. Yup. Said the prompts were to further my writing skills, and if I didn't at least try, that I was chickening out. She knows me well my kid. So I picked a poem from the list, and as a testament to how much I love Peter Forsberg (The God of Hockey), I chose Swedish. Ugh. Talk about pushing your limits. This is probably my worst attempt thus far, but no one can say I didn't give it a shot. So without further ado, the original work in Swedish, and then my own awkward and pitiful attempt.

Jag har en bärnstensring som
skimrar genom insjövattnet

Jag dyker, rör upp slam, partiklar
av mineraler lösgörs och svävar längs

bottnen, liksom ekblomsknopparnas
stjärnhår svävade och inneslöts i stenen

då, på den sabeltandade tigerns
och de små hästarnas tid

i de subtropiska skogarna med fläder
och kamferträd här, där vi bor i hus

Man ser klarare under vatten
Man ser klarare när man är sjuk

Jag dyker i det svala vattnet, rör upp
slam, partiklar svävar långsamt, mineraler,

som ekblomsknopparnas stjärnhår svävar
i bärnsten genom trettio miljoner år, skimrar

i insjövattnet när jag dyker, allt
rörs upp, grumlas, skimrar


I've seen you listening sleepily
skylight blinking overhead

Stars dying, blazing farflung, particularly
for moonstruck lovers over velvet skies

bubbles, glisten effervescent
sparkling, spinning, our innocence in stereo

Yes, we are sophisticated children
on our way towards love

I want sunlit showers to warm
our moondrenched hair, how long do I have?

How long until demons wander
How long until demons take you to sing

He said I might emerge victorious, or not
Stop, particularly emergent legions, moonstruck

Some enthusiastically stumble forward
I bartered lives against emotion true, lovely

I promised him my death, traded
Them heaven, glistening, lovely.

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