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Sunday, April 7, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day Seven

I said “I love you”.
He said “I’ve loved you forever”.

Before we married, I told him I’d do anything for him.
Now I do everything for him.

Dinner must be on the table at six, not a moment late.
His clothes must be folded just so.

The house must be dusted and vacuumed and tidied daily.
No dirty dishes are allowed in the sink at any time.

Our children are not allowed to be dirty or unkempt.
Children are to be seen, not heard.

The lawn is to be mowed on Tuesday using diagonal lines.
The cars are to be washed on Saturday morning between 10:00 and 2:00.

A lady is to wear dresses since pants are for men.
The Bible says a womans hair is her glory.

His money belongs to him.
Purchases must be submitted for his approval.

I no longer have any friends.
He told me that he is all I need.

He says I am his life.
He says I am his world.

I didn’t know my life would be like this.
I have only myself to blame.

Noncompliance results in punishment.
He makes sure the bruises are hidden well.

Peroxide does not remove blood completely, shampoo must be used.
Doctors are to be seen only once so they do not ask questions.

But could you perhaps love me a little less?

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