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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day Two 4/2/2013

It only rains on Tuesdays,
the bus always runs on time
Chef Ramsey never gets angry
you can buy anything you want with a dime.

Kitty cats never get sleepy
Little dogs never bite
Watched pots boil quickly
And the sun shines brightest at night.

Babies don't cry on airplanes,
Traffic never backs up,
Daryl Dixon loves zombies
And Cujo was s sweet little pup.

Cops have a great sense of humor,
Strippers love one dollar bills
Grizzly bears hate salmon
And ghosts never gave anyone chills.

Its always overcast in California
New Orleans is very dry,
New York is quaint and quiet
And Las Vegas is actually quite shy.

Tigers have no stripes,
Zebra's have spots
Cougars have some stripes
and Elephants have nots.

Ladies do not like chocolate
And men have never liked beer
Children love their vegetables
And ice cream never finds your rear.

Sitcoms are educational
Documentaries keep you awake
Models eat donuts for breakfast
And Playboy's pictures aren't fake.

Dandelions grow where you want them,
Grass will never need mowed
Bunnies don't really like clover
And rows have no need be hoed.

Writing always comes easy,
Novels are easy as pie,
Bloggers are never quite honest
And poets never, ever lie.

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