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Friday, December 3, 2010

Dream Job?

Okay so all the Mama Kitty crises are under control, daughter is happy, at work setting up the new store and I'm in a much better mood today.  Since I AM in a better mood today, I'm back to tackling AubrieAnne's questions.  Yes, I'm leaving the hardest ones til last!

Question for the day?

What is your dream job.

Honestly?  I'm living my dream job except for the whole getting paid for it thing.

If I could get paid to write?  Well I'd be one happy little camper.

Writing in any of it's various forms, be it short stories, novels, poetry, screen plays, blogging, quotes, whatever, they all have the capacity to touch lives.   I know this personally and even more so lately.  I remember telling my Mom I was blogging and her reply was...  "What's the point?"  Now, my mom is legally blind, she worked long ago as an x-ray technician, but when her eyesight deteriorated so that she could no longer even read the bus signs to get back and forth to work she applied for and was awarded disability.  Over the years as her eyesight has gotten worse and worse, she's tended to start hermit'ing.  This being the case, she knows next to nothing about social trends, or current events (unless they have to do with politics, and I'm soooo not going there) or really anything that's happened in the world in the last ten to fifteen years.

She has no idea how popular blogging has become and still thinks the internet is a horrible thing that serves no purpose other than to have small children be subject to stalking, murder and rape.

It doesn't matter how often I tell her that it's all about security, about not giving too much away, and so on.  She's still convinced that anyone can get any information they want about you by simply browsing the web.

Of course with my Mom, nothing is ever about just the simple pleasure of doing.  So I start off by telling her that it's possible to make money blogging.  Not that it'll ever happen to me, but hey it sounded good at the time.  Of course the discussion lasted over an hour with me telling her about some of your blogs, the things you've written about, how deeply I've been touched, inspired, enjoyed, etc. a lot of the posts I've read and how I've gotten so much positive feedback from some of the things I've written on my own blog.

If you've kept up, you'll know that yesterday was a horrible "Mommy Day".  Having to deal with your childs tears no matter how old they are, and knowing there's nothing you can do to ease the hurt, well that always sucks on a level people who aren't parents could never understand.  The comments left on the blog I wrote yesterday touched me so deeply, and made me feel like I'm really not alone here at my desk.

So yes, writing is a powerful medium.  If I can touch just one person's life, be it through laughter or tears, an Awww or a D'oh, a love or a hate, then I'm happy.  I've done something that makes me feel good about myself.  Something that helps to validate the past four years when I haven't contributed to our family income and have felt more like a burden than anything else.  To think that I could maybe do the same for someone else is an emotion that I can't really put into words, but I hope that I've done just that.  That some word, or phrase, some post or little anecdote I've posted has turned someone's day around, even if only a little.

Now if only I could get paid to do it?  Life would be sah-weeeeeet!  But you know what?  I enjoy it just the same, so that would be and is my perfect job.  Making people smile one post at a time.

Another great question from the ever so fab AubrieAnne over at Who's Your Editor!

Thanks for reading and have a super fantabulous day!


Eschelle said...

thus why i love blogging, it's a way to be heard! :)

My last post

DawnZhang said...

I always wanted to be a teacher so that I can teach, DUH! XD Or a maybe a doctor so that I can stick things in people's throats :P But from the past two years I know I want to be a journalist and then a writer! XD

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